W e Are Here To Serve You

During Ron’s years in the banking business he learned the value of providing good customer service to his clients.   The bank made sure that all officers regularly attended customer service training so it became a natural way of doing business.  Now, at Ron Fogle Construction, we strive to provide a level of service that consistently exceeds your expectations before, during and after your time of working with us.

Why Are We The Best?

At Ron Fogle Construction we build and remodel high quality custom homes and light commercial projects uniquely designed and built for today’s discriminating owner.

Ron Fogle Construction is one of the premier builders and remodelers in the Abilene area by:

  1. Keeping honesty and integrity first and foremost in everything we do.

  2. Performing high quality construction with an eye focused toward detail at all times.

  3. Staying focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

  4. Providing a work environment where all employees and subcontractors are respected and are fairly rewarded for the work they perform.

We will listen to the thoughts and concerns of each and every customer and strive to put them first in everything we do.

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Interior view of a house under construction home framing

New Custom Home Construction

We are a full service custom-home builder.  We pride ourselves on being able to listen and understand your dreams of what you want in a home and then deliver a house that captures that dream and is uniquely designed and built to your lifestyle.

Interior construction of housing with drywall installed door for a new home before installing

Select Remodeling and Additions

If the home you are in no longer meets your needs, we will work to plan and make your desired changes, while keeping the character and charm of the home you love.

Modern indstrial building.

Light Commercial Construction

In early 2018 we purchased our current office building at 834 North 3rd. We then began the process of gutting what was there and making it into a beautiful urban space that sets the standard for offices in historic downtown Abilene. In the process, we discovered that light commercial construction was not that much different from what we were doing in upper end residential construction. So, let us tackle your next light commercial project for you.